Who I am and What I Do

Growing up, my favorite Disney movie was "Beauty and the Beast", and I am a lot like Belle in many ways. I love books (and actually would really love it if my future husband gave ME a library like the Beast gave Belle!), and I also crave adventure. While I was in university (which I attended in Canada), I was able to go on a mission to trip Germany. I fell in love with Europe and decided I would move there someday.

After student teaching in South Korea and then teaching in Guatemala for three years, I was finally able to move to Europe! I'm a teacher at the Christian International School of Prague. I love my Savior, and I also love that my job not only entails teaching my kids subjects like reading and math, but also includes being Jesus to them!

The teachers at CISP serve as missionaries, supported by individuals and churches in North America. I serve here under Resourcing Christian Education, International. RCE is a sending agency that partners with many different schools like CISP worldwide.

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